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Today's world is driven by technology. At every step we check for the technology we are using to its full potential. Our IT infrastructure is built in such a way that it can meet the future expansion plans of our business with various clients to fulfill their requirements. Our business is able to operate efficiently to meet the need of the end users. We use customer specific software to develop specific applications for them to optimize the market and ongoing business competition. As it will make them much more stabilize with respect to market and to get maximum benefit by minimizing the risk factor.

Our customized services of software development are designed in a cost effective manner with client and server model, it supports multi-browser web application, and the maintenance is done by using the latest technologies to reduce the risk factor for the end users.

We offer new technology customized according to your need to fulfill the specifications. The development and maintenance is done in such a manner that it will fit the existing environment without any major changes in it. We provide familiar technology to our client so that it is easy for the end users to cope up with it and also help to reduce the training and maintenance cost at client end. We are always in touch with our client at the development stage so as to understand their problem areas and work accordingly. After development or the required application we provide training to people of the clients so that they can start with it as early as possible. We are there to implement new ideas and innovation to your applications which will make it a better and effective for business functionality. We believe in customer satisfaction so we always try to fit in your requirements by adapting the same environment you are using at your place to minimize the changes and deploying time.

We are basically in the development of the applications using latest technologies like Java, Spring , Hibernate, Struts, flex, blackberry java ,web services both soap and restful, Perl script, jasper report etc. Database like Oracle, MySQL, Access etc. The different servers which we use are Tomcat, Apache Http, Web logic etc.

Currently we are maintaining all the guest house and hotel information of India locations.The iformation which are currently available are as follow: a)Hotels name , service and Contact details. b)What are the facilities available. c)Different room types and deals.

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MOLLA Services-having location wise information on Motels, Hotels, Guest House, Mansions, Lodge, Hostels, Appartments , Accomodations etc.