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Supporting all its business process through online.

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MOLLA Services specializes in providing and delivering the real world different types of services and solutions through online to meet the customers or ultimately the end users needs and expectations. Services and solutions focused on different business specific challenges. We are in a belief to provide the entire business services across different operations of motel, hotel,lounge, lodging through online. To provide end to end services and to define unique business need we are adapting different technologies and solutions and also doing the research and development through experienced professionals and technology experts. Our current solutions and services align to meet the specific objectives, strategic vision, missions of our clients and the end user.

Our experience professionals, analyst and consultant built the reputation based on business and services and long term relationship with our customers and their valuable feedback.

We are providing the following information and location about the hotel, mansion, guest house, motel appartments etc.
Motel Services
Otel Services
Lounge Services
Lodging Services
Accomodation Services

MOLLA Services is providing information about all the guest house and hotels and accomodation across location.
The information which are currently available are as follow:
a)Guest House name and Contact details. b)What are the facilities available. c)Different room types etc.


MOLLA Services-having location wise information on Motels, Hotels, Guest House, Mansions, Lodge, Hostels, Appartments , Accomodations etc.