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About Us

About Us

MOLLA Services specializes in providing and delivering the real world different types of services and solutions through online to meet the customers or ultimately the end users needs and expectations. Services and solutions focused on different business specific challenges. We are in a belief to provide the entire business services across different operations of motel, hotel,lounge, lodging through online. To provide end to end services and to define unique business need we are adapting different technologies and solutions and also doing the research and development through experienced professionals and technology experts. Our current solutions and services align to meet the specific objectives, strategic vision, missions of our clients and the end user.

Our experience professionals, analyst and consultant built the reputation based on business and services and long term relationship with our customers and their valuable feedback.

We are providing the following information and location about the hotel, mansion, guest house, motel appartments etc.
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MOLLA Services is providing information about all the guest house and hotels and accomodation across location.
The information which are currently available are as follow:
a)Guest House name and Contact details. b)What are the facilities available. c)Different room types etc.


MOLLA Services established in 2008 is a leading service provider of end-to-end business solutions in different technologies. We are providing services across the verticals. We always put our customers in the first position by providing services and by adding value to their businesses through our experienced professionals.

MOLLA Services team has an overall experience of five years in project management, development, marketing services from well known companies in India and US. We are in strong faith to provide online services across verticals and businesses so that the end users get the benefit and ultimately our clients will also be benefited. We are also belief to progress in a group. If the customers of our clients are benefited our customers will also be benefited and ultimately we will also be benefited. Our strength is our customer's feedback.

MOLLA Services committed to follow industry standards and to achieve excellence through continuous learning, innovative solutions and strategic partnership with leading service provider companies to provide the best value to our customers with a professional and strategic difference.


MOLLA Services strength lies on idea generation, innovation, creativity and technology. Innovation is the process or radar to bring success as well as to survive. Innovate new ideas, implement new technologies are key process which enables the company to compete, survive and grow in this competitive world. We provide innovative, creative and effective solutions which exactly match with all of our customers' needs.

Visson and Misson

To provide continuous value addition end-to-end services to our clients and end users with the best and most innovative technologies and solutions.

To help our clients and end user to grow with our solutions and services and to builds a long lasting partnership with them.


Partnership with Molla Services gives you the industry leading services across all the verticals that meet the need of small business and enterprise organization. Partnership with Molla Services help you to build sustainable business, create revenue and ensure maximum return from your business, The partnership program is designed for those small business organization who want to sell their products through net, who want to introduce their products. This program is best suited for the small business. This partnership program also helps to a small travel and tourism agent who wants to promote their business .This program also helps to them those who are in small business of health and hospitality, it introduces there business to the world and also provide services like to provide details information about their hotels, guest house rooms rent etc to the ultimate customer and helps them to generate much more earning form the same. To go ahead with our partnership program please fill the below form and submit to us. We will revert back to within 24 hours.


MOLLA Services provide thanks to all our valuable clients.


MOLLA Services-having location wise information on Motels, Hotels, Guest House, Mansions, Lodge, Hostels, Appartments , Accomodations etc.